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Guest Post: I think I do too much…

I generally say yes to things before I let my rational brain step in and ruin everything, and that’s what’s happened here. I received a PM to my Author Page on Facebook asking if I was crafty. As I write … Continue reading

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It’s July!

And you know what that means, right? It’s Rough Trade time! Yep, I joined in again. This round is for two 20k stories, featuring Sentinels and Guides. I started off doing my NCIS fic, which wasn’t what I had initially … Continue reading

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The Art of Plotting While Painting

Hello everybody (said in the voice of Matt Bellasai from Whine About It video fame). AJ Rose here, lowering the tone of Karin’s classy blog to bring you some rambling about books, reading, and my new favorite hobby, painting masterpieces… … Continue reading

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Ramblings on Creative Expression

Hello everyone! First of all, thanks to Karin for giving me a place to ramble for a little while. I’ll do my best to make sense, but as I’m in the middle of editing a fantasy novel that’s longer than … Continue reading

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I Need a Nap

Or rather, I ended up taking one today. Been a while since I’ve needed to, but I was wiped out after kneading dough. But, at least I now have four loaves of Challah and I made scones for breakfast this … Continue reading

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Process and Product

So a bit about me. I am the mother of two now grown once precocious daughters, a 25 year veteran Head Start Teacher/Administrator, maker of theater and madrigal costumes, needle crafter, writer of prose and the occasional piece of fiction. … Continue reading

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I Blinked

Wait, it’s Sunday again? Already? I feel like it was only yesterday… okay, okay, the day before yesterday… I honestly don’t know where this week has gone. Rough Trade is almost over and I have failed the 30k part of the … Continue reading

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