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I Found my Passion.

Hi! My name is Melissa Stevens, I’m a WAHM to 4, and I do a bit of crafting. I’m into a little bit of everything. I can sew, but it’s not my passion. I can cook, again, not my passion. … Continue reading

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Out of It

I’m a little out of it today, so please bear with me. Fuzzy brains do not good writing make. Or real coherent thought, for that matter. Last week I started on a new project, trying out the whole grid thing. … Continue reading

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A Guest Crafter

Hey there everyone! My name is Mel and I’m from Nowheresville, Nebraska 🙂 I’m a 30-something woman with the mind of a 15 year old boy. I have an adorable 10 year old boy who is a pain in the … Continue reading

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On the Grid

Since I didn’t have any stuff (I forget what it’s called) to make a woven grid, I figured I’d try making one with a good old fashioned pencil. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that particular way of … Continue reading

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Just Bumbling By

Hey, no idea what I’m doing; but, I’m Vicki Speakman. Pleased to say I look younger than I am. I have an irrepressible love of skulls. ‘Originally from the Woodstock area of New Brunswick, Canada; but have lived all over … Continue reading

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All The Hangover…

None of the fun. Yep, spent most of yesterday in bed with a migraine. Today at least I’m doing a little better on that front, but have the aftermath to deal with. Fun times, let me tell ya. Friday I … Continue reading

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We’ll start out here with the blatant truth: I’m not a craft person. Until about a year ago, I didn’t even cook. I can’t sew a button, knit a square, or crochet my way out of a doily shaped bag. … Continue reading

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