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Hubby finished playing Horizon (well, not really, but most of what’s left is going after the stuff he’s missed in order to get the highest awards or whatever, not really anything of interest to me). I’ve been watching him play … Continue reading

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What To Say About Me.

I go by the username Kittydresden online and live in the UK. In terms of Crafting I enjoy passing the time doing Cardmaking and love using the Santoro Gorjuss Cardstock, but my real love is reading, particularly Fanfiction, where I … Continue reading

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Oh.. Sunday again? Already?

No really, again? Already? What’s up with time flying by like this? Hubby finished playing God of War and moved on to play Horizon. I have to say, the game is amazing. The graphics are incredible and the story… wow. … Continue reading

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Babble, books and… uh, bustle?

Hi! This is a little weird for me, since I don’t really have my own blogs or anything but I’m super excited! I love reading Naelany’s blog and now I get to post! I’m Pam and I use the handle Lace & … Continue reading

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I know, I know

It’s getting way too warm to work on a blanket, but I can’t help myself. It’s such a simple knit and I can just about handle working on it, both from a spoon-level as well as heat level. Also, it … Continue reading

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Crafts can be healing

I’ll introduce myself a little. My name is Rachel and I’m in my 30s. I am disabled so I do have a lot of free time that I spend mostly watching movies/TV shows and reading. I have been doing a … Continue reading

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I Need a Nap

Or rather, I ended up taking one today. Been a while since I’ve needed to, but I was wiped out after kneading dough. But, at least I now have four loaves of Challah and I made scones for breakfast this … Continue reading

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