Hello Again

It’s has been a while, hasn’t it? A little over three years, in fact. I went on hiatus because my health had gone down, and to be frank, it was pretty damn scary for a while there. It’s taken a long time for me to start to feel normal again – or as normal as I ever manage to be, at any rate. I’m still not completely back to where I was, and to be honest, I may never get everything back that I’ve lost, but I am feeling more myself finally. For a while there, I lost myself; I couldn’t craft, write, or even really read. Bit by bit, I’ve regained pieces of myself, for which I am grateful.

Once again, I’m able to read (and by read I mean read stories, books) again. I’ve even written a little again, though admittedly, I haven’t finished it yet. And best yet, I’ve been able to do a little crafting here and there. I still have problems – more often than I would like – but at least I’m doing it again, as you can see.

The biggest and best change in my life has been this girl. Meet Stella. She came into our lives during the hardest time during my illness, and she played a huge part in us making it through in one piece. She has brought us so much joy and continues to do so every day. I couldn’t be more grateful for her if I tried.

I’m hoping to get back into blogging again, now that I’m doing a little better, so I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about my girl soon enough. Speaking of blogging… I have no set plans yet. No schedule, though I will aim to do one every week or so. Eventually, I’ll get back into having guests on here, but that is a little more work than I am currently able to handle, so all in due time.

For now, I’m just happy to be reclaiming another little piece of me.

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