Crocheted Writer

Hey guys, my names Misty aka abbymickey24 in fanfic. I’m a mom of a 13 year old, wife, crocheter, and writer (when I can find my mojo that is). Out of the latter two, I couldn’t tell you which is my favorite if asked, so I’ll just tell you a little bit about both.

I’ve crocheted for almost 20 years. I was taught by a wonderful woman, one that I have the pleasure of calling my mother-in-law. She taught me the very first time I met her and I’ve never been more grateful than to have that little piece of her now that she’s gone. Over the years, I’ve done so many projects, too many to count or remember really, but my standout and most favorite is the birthstone blanket I made for my grandmother; each row around was the color of the birthstone of each family member, in order from oldest to youngest. It was my first big project, and I wish I had a picture of it to show you guys.

I’ve also done everything from stuffed animals like the giraffe, adipose, and dalek below that were Christmas presents for my daughter to the scarves that were made for friends.

I haven’t found anything yet that I can’t do, as long as I have a pattern for it, but some things do take a little trial and error as well as fighting the issues I’ve started having with my hands. They like to hurt and go numb if I crochet too much or too long, but I can’t stop all together because I just love it too much.

When that happens, I like to go back to my other love of writing, but even that is giving me issue lately thanks to a muse that doesn’t seem to want to be found.

However, I don’t give up. I started writing fanfic in 2009 and 28 or so stories later, I still have a ton of ideas. I’m a Jasper girl through and through though, but I’m not opposed to any other male in the Twilight series as a lead with the exception of Edward and Jacob.

I currently have three works in progress, and I’m hoping to finish them soon. If you want to read what I’ve written the link to my fanfic is:


Okay, I think that might be it for now. I want to thank Karin for inviting me to be a guest. I hope this wasn’t too bad of post. 🙂

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