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Busy, Busy!

So tomorrow is my birthday. We decided to invite people over for a barbecue today, so this past week has consisted of a lot of organizing, shopping, cleaning, food prep, etc.  We’re still a few hours away, but things are … Continue reading

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Grab a Slice

Hello, everyone! I’m Kasi, but many in the fan-fic world know me as TeamAllTwilight, or half of WeeKittyAndTAT, JessAndTAT, or WeeJessAndTAT. All in all, I have written or been a part of writing sixty-one stories—two of which are still considered … Continue reading

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Lovely Day

As you can imagine, I’ve been enjoying my patio as much as possible the past few days. Beginning of the week I had migraines so sun was a bad idea, but other than that?  There’s been a whole lot of … Continue reading

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You’re a wizard, Harry!

This year I got to celebrate 20 years with my favorite literary character, Harry James Potter. I got to grow up with Harry, I was in 6th grade when I first read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and I’m … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Quilt Block

This week’s been one of hard labor. Why? Because we decided to turn our garden into a patio since actual gardening is kind of out. Of course, that meant a whole lot of digging and leveling and… well, hard work. … Continue reading

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Go big or go home

Hi, I’m PickingupEllen, teacher of the fundamentals (English, maths, social skills…), fanfic writer (I have a website), musician, artist and crafter, and  I have an issue with keeping my crafts small… When Karin invited me to write a guest post … Continue reading

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A Stitch Here…

A stitch there and we’re making progress on one of my Christmas projects (hush, haven’t you ever heard of Christmas in July?). Not that that’s why I’m working on this, mind. It’s just so close to done I want it moved … Continue reading

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