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A Very Harry Potter Day

Happy birthday to my birthday twins, Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling! (yep, I totally love the fact I share my birthday with them). Today’s being spent knitting and watching a Harry Potter marathon. We’re currently nearing the end of The Chamber … Continue reading

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The Pitfalls of Gifting

Hello all, Nikki here! I’ve known Karin for *mumble mumble* years – ashamed to say I’m not entirely sure when we first met. I know we’ve been online friends for a long time, starting with LiveJournal (ah, the good old … Continue reading

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I’m Doing a Thing

A knitting thing. Yes, it’s true ;-). I’ve finally settled on a pattern for that beautiful yarn Krysten gave me. The lighting’s pretty bad, I’m afraid, so you don’t get to see the pretty sparkles. I’ll try to get a … Continue reading

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Keeping it going

Hi! Karin asked me to write for this blog a while ago and I’m so honoured she’s giving me the chance to leave some words here. When she asked me I figured I would have enough time to write, but … Continue reading

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This Is How We Roll

So this week’s been largely great (few dips here and there, but such is life, right?). Hubby and I are both totally hooked on Pokémon Go! We’ve walked a whole bunch of miles (not entirely sure how many at this … Continue reading

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A creative piece of me

Hello!  First off, thanks so much to Karin for reaching out to me and asking me to guest blog!  I’m Adri, and I’m so delighted to be sharing my creative bits with all of you!  I’m a jewelry designer and … Continue reading

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It’s Still Sunday! (Pokémon!)

At least in my neck of the woods it is. So I think we’ve established that this whole changing sleep schedules deal isn’t really working out as hoped. Barely being functional is not how I imagined spending my awake time. … Continue reading

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