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Party Beans

Hi all! My name is Jamie but mostly on the interwebs I go by Mischiefmaker1 or some variation.  When K approached me about doing another guest spot I had no idea what I would do for ya’ll. I’ve got my  … Continue reading

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Fiberkitty Returns!

Hi! I’m Miya, known by some as Fiberkitty, and I’ve visited this blog before. At first, I didn’t know if I’d have anything new from my crafts to show off, but then I looked around my dining room, saw the … Continue reading

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What is the last thing you want to have happen when you’re already in pain? That’s right, you don’t want to add an injury, too. Except that’s exactly what happened this week when I rolled my ankle bad enough to … Continue reading

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Today isn’t a very good day as far as pain levels go. For some reason (I swear someone’s playing with my voodoo doll again) the pain keeps shifting between my hips and my head, bouncing to a few other places … Continue reading

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All Dolled Up

So, hello again. It’s Zeila-Hime back with another guest post. when Karin posted on Facebook for any takers to have another go at posting, i jumped on the band wagon without hesitation. i really enjoyed it last time and looked … Continue reading

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New Year, New…?

Well, we all know how I feel about resolutions. I’ve tried to make them and end up only keeping one or two. It’s silly to make them, really. After all, life happens and yet… And yet, here I am. Making … Continue reading

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Monday again. Yep, Sunday once again passed me by, I’m sorry to say, though I’m not sorry as to why it did. We got to spend time with friends yesterday, having lunch and watching It’s a Wonderful Life together in … Continue reading

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