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I am a…….Librarian!

  Hey, So, I am a guest author virgin and I will try my best to be entertaining. I would like to give a great big Thank You to Karin for inviting me and giving me this experience. Minions United!! … Continue reading

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Quack Quack!

She be done! It took me the better part of a year of on/off knitting, but I finally cast off on that Ducks blanket on Friday. *dances* So glad it’s done. I think I’m through knitting circular blankets for a … Continue reading

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Plan Like a Boss

Hello, all! Thank you so much for joining me here today, and a huge thank you to Karin for having me. My name is Charlie Cochet and I’m a published author with Dreamspinner Press. I write everything from paranormal romance … Continue reading

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Warning! Picture Heavy Post Ahead

I has a sad. My favorite craft store (locally owned and operated) is closing. The place was my go-to for just about every craft I do. It even had a decent yarn selection, which is always great for a knitter … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Hi! *waves* If you know me from Facebook alone, you know me as Lucas Harrison, which is a character I write for Sylum Clan. If you know me elsewhere from fandom, you likely know me as Starkindler. I met Karin … Continue reading

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Getting My Geek On

Can you guess what I’m making? If you guessed a stormtrooper, then you would have guessed correctly. It’s slowly starting to look like one at any rate, and I look forward to seeing it come into shape. What else it’ll … Continue reading

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Knitter, Baker, Weird Book Maker*

*Not in the gambling sense. In the author sense. I think I tried too hard to make that rhyme. I’m recovering from a cold and it’s possible not all the NyQuil’s worn off yet. ANYWAY. Let’s move on. Even without tortured … Continue reading

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