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Another Piece of SorceressCirce

Hi everyone! Karin invited me back for a second guest post, and I am honored to accept. I have to confess that I have been relatively quiet on the crafting front since the last time I was here, mostly because … Continue reading

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Bye bye, 2017

This year has been a bit of up/down on several levels. On the whole, things have gone better than they have in years for hubs and me. As long as you ignore the health stuff, because that has definitely not been … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

So the other day we were out and about, partly running errands, partly because we were going to watch the new Star Wars (no spoilers!) movie. We did a lot of walking. Apparently so much that I ended up walking holes(!) … Continue reading

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There and back again…

To start, I’d like to thank Karin for shocking me out of my normal, everyday life by inviting me to do a guest post here. I had no idea that she would consider me worthy to grace her blog. But … Continue reading

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Who Me?

Hello all, I’m Tammara, also known as Tammy. When Karin asked me to be a guest I was rather shocked, I’ve never thought I was very interesting, but here goes. I’m 48, the mother of three, grandmother of two. I … Continue reading

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Christmas Mood

Hello, I’m from Sweden and my minion name is Celia311. I work at a library and my love of books is epic. I’m currently having a bit of a medical issue that makes reading difficult so I’ve switched over to … Continue reading

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So basically this past week has consisted of three things: Reading Rough Trade stories as they are published (which I’m loving, by the way. There’s some awesome stuff coming out of RT this round). Binging Supernatural and knitting. I’m liking … Continue reading

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