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Yesterday was a ton of fun as we had friends over to play games. We played a couple of rounds of Star Fluxx, which was fun – and very different playing with four people as opposed to just the two … Continue reading

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The Game’s Afoot

Sort of. I’m still not feeling 100% after my cold and I haven’t gotten much done as a result. Every time I do get stuff done, I end up needing to recoup the next day because lack of spoons is … Continue reading

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A Little Encouragement

Hello! My name is Laura Kreitzer, and I write books . . . sometimes. I’ve been writing since 2008 but have taken a bit of a hiatus due to moving and life. Right now, I am currently working on the … Continue reading

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All roads lead to fanfiction.

Hi! I’m Dawn. I post a lot of random ideas on the Farmbunnies group on Facebook. Which I started really being a part of after I lost my husband about 20 months ago (blood clot in his heart). Long ago, … Continue reading

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Getting My Geek On

Can you guess what I’m making? If you guessed a stormtrooper, then you would have guessed correctly. It’s slowly starting to look like one at any rate, and I look forward to seeing it come into shape. What else it’ll … Continue reading

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Knitter, Baker, Weird Book Maker*

*Not in the gambling sense. In the author sense. I think I tried too hard to make that rhyme. I’m recovering from a cold and it’s possible not all the NyQuil’s worn off yet. ANYWAY. Let’s move on. Even without tortured … Continue reading

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I’m Doing a Thing

A knitting thing. Yes, it’s true ;-). I’ve finally settled on a pattern for that beautiful yarn Krysten gave me. The lighting’s pretty bad, I’m afraid, so you don’t get to see the pretty sparkles. I’ll try to get a … Continue reading

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