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Inspired to Cook Something Delicious

Hello, my name is Rae. I am a Twihard and I love to cook and bake. Now you know why Karin invited me to do a guest post on her blog this week. Here is what you don’t know about … Continue reading

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The Marriage of Food and Romance in My Work: A Guest Post from Rick R. Reed

Shakespeare said, “If music be the food of love, play on…” I agree with him, except I would paraphrase him “If food be the music of love, cook on…” People ask why I marry food with love in so many … Continue reading

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Grab a Slice

Hello, everyone! I’m Kasi, but many in the fan-fic world know me as TeamAllTwilight, or half of WeeKittyAndTAT, JessAndTAT, or WeeJessAndTAT. All in all, I have written or been a part of writing sixty-one stories—two of which are still considered … Continue reading

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Melissa’s Hobbies

Hello from sunny California! My name is Melissa (aka Dizzygrl28), and I’m honored to have been asked to guest post for you. I’m a mother, caretaker, amateur baker, avid reader, crazy fangirl, and an everyday geek. I could go on … Continue reading

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Simple meal to warm you up

Hi all! I’m Rowaine – mother of too many, reader and writer of fanfiction, and old-school crafter. At a later date, I’ll probably be back to talk about books and maybe writing styles, but today is about ‘good eats.’ When … Continue reading

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Fun with a Side of Panic

Hello to all of Naelany’s friends.  I go by Moonstar most everywhere on the net.  Naelany invited me to be to do a guest on her blog.  At first I went into a slight panic attack when she asked me.  … Continue reading

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Just a domestic(ally) challenged diva

Hi. I am Sarah, aka sariedee in the land of the internet.  Married. Mom of two.  I have spent most of my time as a mother (6 1/2 years) in school full time, but I started back working full time … Continue reading

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