Slow and Steady

Rough Trade is going slow for me. This past week has been… rough, if you’ll pardon the pun, and I’ve been more exhausted than normal. Mostly because things like allergies acting up and trying to inhale tea (I wouldn’t recommend it) taking up more than the usual spoons. So yeah, it’s coming along, but not as well as I’d like.

On another note… When hubby and I first got our own place we were given several hand-me-downs to help us along. You know, the usual stuff like pots, pans, plates, etc. Over the years we’ve replaced almost all of it… except plates and bowls. Not because we liked them (we really, really didn’t), but because of luck. Or lack thereof. Either we couldn’t agree on what kind we wanted from what was available, or we’d find something we loved only to have the set be partially broken, or there weren’t enough pieces, yada yada yada. For fifteen years, we’ve been dealing with this and it’s sucked because dangit, we wanted new plates!

Friday we decided to have a look again, just in case. And lo and behold! We found a set we liked and they were complete and the color on the box matched what the set actually was (we’d found one last time only to open it up and the color being way off and gross). So yay! After fifteen years of searching we finally have new plates and bowls! Oh, and mugs, as you can see 🙂

So three guesses what I’m currently doing 😉


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