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Please Tell Me…

That there’s an end to Summer soon. I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain. After all, it’s been a fairly mild season so far over all. Which, you know, is good, but it’s still been very warm – too warm … Continue reading

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Jack of all trades

“I want you to write a guest blog for me,” she said. “Write about your crafts, reading, writing, photography,” she said. I panicked. It’s one thing to ramble on in your own space, but rambling on in someone else’s…? Yeah, … Continue reading

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The Art of Balance

Sadly,  it is one I have yet to  master. Still, I hope to get there one day. Over the years, I’ve discovered there are a few things my soul,  if you will, needs. To read To write To knit To … Continue reading

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Is this post about me or King Arthur?

Hello everyone! My name is Kyli (SleepyKittyStitches) and Naelany has graciously invited me to write a guest post on her blog. How exciting! I’ve never done a guest post before, but I’m happy to be here (: I am a … Continue reading

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Shhh. I should be sleeping…

This’ll be just between you and me, alright? I’m supposed to be sleeping right now and I promise I’ll head to bed shortly 😉 Are you familiar with Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple? Apparently they have done a remake of it … Continue reading

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Those Crafty Pixies…

Hello! My name is Miya, though most of you probably know me as Fiberkitty. I’ve been going by The Pixeled Pixie lately, but that’s what happens when you let your kids name your business. I’ve known Karin/Naelany for… eight years, … Continue reading

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Pass the Coffee, Please

So our schedule’s been flipped upside-down. Again. And yes, it’s just as much ‘fun’ as last time. Not sure how long it’ll last, but we’re muddling through as best we can. In the mean time, someone please pass me the … Continue reading

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