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Lovely Day

As you can imagine, I’ve been enjoying my patio as much as possible the past few days. Beginning of the week I had migraines so sun was a bad idea, but other than that?  There’s been a whole lot of … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Quilt Block

This week’s been one of hard labor. Why? Because we decided to turn our garden into a patio since actual gardening is kind of out. Of course, that meant a whole lot of digging and leveling and… well, hard work. … Continue reading

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A Stitch Here…

A stitch there and we’re making progress on one of my Christmas projects (hush, haven’t you ever heard of Christmas in July?). Not that that’s why I’m working on this, mind. It’s just so close to done I want it moved … Continue reading

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Is It Sunday Again Already?

This week seems to have run away from me completely. I honestly don’t recall very much of what I’ve done. Certainly haven’t managed to get any crafting done, though we did catch up on housework, so there’s that. Since I … Continue reading

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Do you remember the two small cross stitch pieces I made for hubby as a surprise? And remember the boatload of crafty stuff I was given a while back? Well, I finally put two and two together, so to speak, … Continue reading

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Huh, I guess I am crafty

Hi everyone! Niva here, and Karin got me to be her guest blogger for this week. It began with her asking if I was “craftily inclined,” to which I snorted out loud, because when I think “crafty,” I tend to … Continue reading

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As in, my spoons have consistently been low this week due to pain levels being high in some form or another. Mostly headache, like today. I haven’t been up to much of anything beyond reading and trying to not get … Continue reading

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