Can I Knit Yet?

This weekend one of my local yarn stores (Cozy, to be exact. You remember Karen, right?) was having a pretty big sale and lo’ and behold there was a little fun money to be had so I dragged the hubs there to check it out. I rarely get the chance to go to a LYS let alone spend any money at one, but I do always enjoy it, especially there. I honestly love how open and bright the store is and the atmosphere is just right. Karen even remembered me (and remembered I was connected to the blog, woohoo) which was cool.

Anywho, as I said, they had a sale. And boy did I make out like a bandit. I got my hands on all sorts of pretties, see?

Cascade Superwash 220 Aran
Cascade Superwash 220 Aran
Regia tweed sock yarn
Opal sock yarn
Scheepjes Frosted Whirl

Aren’t they pretty? I have enough of the blue to make a sweater (I hope, at least, I grabbed all they had). I got the black just in case I am short. No clue yet what sweater I’ll end up making with it, but I love the color, so I guess we’ll see?

The sock yarns are actually slated to be socks. Plain vanilla ones, I think, as I want to have them as to-go projects, which means nothing too difficult, pattern-wise. I even got a couple of ChiaoGoo needles, because I’m finding out you can’t ever really have enough of those ;-).

The Scheepjes yarn I am going to try to make the Vortex shawl with. It’s been in my knitting queue forever but I’ve never had a yarn in enough quantity that spoke to me for that pattern. Now, I do. The interesting thing for me is that this yarn is actually a cotton/acrylic blend. No wool. I figure I’ll give it a go for something for myself to see how I like it and how it behaves (anyone have experience with it? Do you like it? How does the end product drape? How does it hold up?) before I attempt to make gifts with it as I have a few friends who have wool allergies. Yep, totally thinking ahead here.

Of course, now I am stuck with one minor problem. I still can’t knit. Oh, my shoulder is almost better, but almost isn’t completely so I’m still on a knitting/crafting moratorium and let me tell ya, it’s now twice as difficult to adhere to it! The pretties are calling my name, dangit!

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