Heaven in a Cup

Hubby and I got a few sample packs from Adagio (no, I’m not affiliated and no I won’t get anything from this) and it’s been a treat to try new teas. I’m keeping a list of the ones we definitely like (suppose I ought to make one of nevermore, too). So far we’ve tried two of their Zodiac teas – Sagittarius, which is heaven in a cup. Yummm! And the Leo is also very good.

Another cup of heaven is their Assam Melody. Both hubby and I instantly fell in love with this blend. So, so good. Of course, stroopwafels make any tea that much better 😉 (If you’re near a Costco, check there. They sometimes have huge boxes and the prices are reasonable).

So far the only tea we haven’t liked is matcha. Granted, I may have royally screwed up how to make it since I never have brewed it before and I certainly don’t own the proper tools to do it the way it should be done, but neither of us cared much for it. I will, however, give the tea another shot if I can ever get a chance to have it made traditionally.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make myself a cup of Golden Monkey tea.

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