Knocked For a Loop

I suppose that’s one way of putting it at any rate. Auntie Flo knocked me on my ass this week, resulting in getting little to nothing done of any kind that didn’t involve curling up into a ball and wishing the world would end. Well, perhaps not quite that drastic, but you get the idea. I think I managed maybe two inches on my socks, which isn’t much at all.

The most exciting thing I did this week was going through some of my stuff and figuring out what to keep, toss, or donate. Ended up being able to consolidate two ugly cardboard drawers into a third set (not cardboard and falling apart, and not ugly), allowing me to get rid of the eyesores.

Huh. I wish I could draw because I just had an idea for a T-shirt I’d like to have. Darnit. /random. Basically has to do with being a spoonie, and once-upon-a-time gamer who apparently was good at rolling nat-1’s. Ah well.


2 thoughts on “Knocked For a Loop

  1. Aunt Flo there should be a switch you can just turn off. Even one stitch on your socks is more craft than I’ve managed this week. As a never-upon-a-time gamer I’m sure your t-shirt is funny/interesting


    1. Oh, if only! And yeah, true. Still, I had plans for getting stuff done this week lol.
      A nat-1 is short for a “natural 1” roll on a 20-sided dice. Ever see those meme’s where it goes like “There’s an orc at the edge of the canyon in front of me. I’m going to attack it,” followed by dice roll, it’s a 1. “I gently caress his back. Crogdor is uncomfortable.”
      That type of thing? Or if you were to attack with your sword, you roll a nat-1, you end up stabbing yourself in the foot instead or something. It’s basically not a good thing to be doing when you’re gaming, but my luck is not the best with dice lol.
      Pretty much it meant that I had plans this week. Rolled for it. Rolled a nat-1, ended up doing nothing. *Shrug* it made sense in my head lol


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