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Let’s Just Pretend…

For just a few minutes that today is Sunday, shall we? Between watching kids and being way more active than normal plus hot weather and resultant lack of sleep… yeah, I’m run down. So run down that I ended up … Continue reading

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Squirtle Power!

This is going to be very short and sweet because I’m completely knackered! Today was a Pokémon community event day and we only just got home. The hubby and I had our nephew over so we could all go out … Continue reading

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It’s July!

And you know what that means, right? It’s Rough Trade time! Yep, I joined in again. This round is for two 20k stories, featuring Sentinels and Guides. I started off doing my NCIS fic, which wasn’t what I had initially … Continue reading

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Quality time

The lovely Naelany has invited me to write for her fantastic blog again. I was honored,  but the deadline still caught me by surprise. I’ve been busy, you see, with work, and other stuff that’s great and also time consuming. … Continue reading

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Worth It

A very late (for me) post today. Way past my bedtime-late even. Why? Because hubby and I spent all day hanging out with friends, playing board games and having a ton of fun. We introduced our friends to Gloom, and … Continue reading

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It’s A Beautiful Day

And yet I’ve been stuck inside with a headache all day. It’s been a rough few days (thanks, Murphy) that I’m still paying for, but hopefully, I’ll get to enjoy the nice weather later this week. I did finally manage … Continue reading

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Battery Low

This has been a low-battery (or low on spoons, if you prefer) kind of week. Partly due to lack of sleep (not for lack of trying) and partly due to pain. To be honest, I’m not even entirely sure what … Continue reading

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