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Don’t Wanna!

Yep. I have a severe case of the “I-don’t-wana’s” today, which is part of the reason why this post is on the late side today. It’s that time of the month again (ugh, really, body? Haven’t we had enough yet?) … Continue reading

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Knocked For a Loop

I suppose that’s one way of putting it at any rate. AuntieĀ Flo knocked me on my ass this week, resulting in getting little to nothing done of any kind that didn’t involve curling up into a ball and wishing the … Continue reading

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So we got a new couch about two weeks ago. It brought with it an unexpected… not problem, exactly, but still. When I finally got around to casting my socks on again after frogging them, I encountered an issue: I … Continue reading

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It Figures

That my week of misery (thank you, Auntie Flo) was rounded up by having to frog my socks. Yep, I thought I had measured correctly but it turns out that they were too wide for my feet and, well, I … Continue reading

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Running a Small Yarn Shop

My name is Jess, and I run Fairlight Fibers, an online yarn shop that specializes in artisan and locally-sourced yarns and notions. It’s been a somewhat-challenging and delightful journey to arrive at this point, and I thought it might be … Continue reading

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So I’m still without my laptop, with no word as yet whether it can be fixed or not. I’m trying to be patient, really, I am. Hubby, in the meantime is kind enough to let me hijack his computer in … Continue reading

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Of Surprise Socks and a PSA

So… I got my laptop back on Tuesday night. Cool, right? It turned on and everything, working as it should… Only to punk out again with the exact same issue not 12 hours later. After some frustrating phone calls to … Continue reading

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