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The Game’s Afoot

Sort of. I’m still not feeling 100% after my cold and I haven’t gotten much done as a result. Every time I do get stuff done, I end up needing to recoup the next day because lack of spoons is … Continue reading

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New Year, New…?

Well, we all know how I feel about resolutions. I’ve tried to make them and end up only keeping one or two. It’s silly to make them, really. After all, life happens and yet… And yet, here I am. Making … Continue reading

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Monday again. Yep, Sunday once again passed me by, I’m sorry to say, though I’m not sorry as to why it did. We got to spend time with friends yesterday, having lunch and watching It’s a Wonderful Life together in … Continue reading

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Murphy Strikes Again

Good lord, it’s only 11AM and I already am looking forward to today to be over. Murphy’s Law has been our companion from the moment we got up this morning. Trust me when I say that 3AM on a Sunday … Continue reading

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So basically this past week has consisted of three things: Reading Rough Trade stories as they are published (which I’m loving, by the way. There’s some awesome stuff coming out of RT this round). Binging Supernatural and knitting. I’m liking … Continue reading

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Moving On

Well, I’ve figured out which pattern I want to use for my sweater. I wanted to make a Rogue initially but I don’t have the mindset for intricate anything right now and I really want to make a sweater for … Continue reading

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Hats… On?

So for those of you who’ve been paying attention, knitting hasn’t happened for me in a few months now. I simply haven’t been up to it, which is saying rather a lot since I tend to knit in order to … Continue reading

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