Random Hobbies

Hi, Anita here, I’m 27 years old and I live in Mackay QLD Australia. I’m a full time student paramedic, I volunteer in various and varied not-for-profit organisations, I read an unhealthy (probably) amount of fanfiction every week and am obsessed with truly bad horror films à la sharknado, zombeaver, mega piranha etc. Oh! And I crochet (knitting is the devil), do random crafty things and sew!


My love of crafty randomness started at a young age, my family was big on no tv during the day so mum used to keep us occupied on rainy days with a box full of random craft goods; paper doilies, paint, glitter, glue, pipe-cleaners etc.

I learnt to hand sew when I was 4 years old, I was allowed to use the sewing machine at 5 and was FINALLY allowed to use the overlocker at 7. By that point mum must have trusted me not to chop off a finger.

These days I mostly concentrate on crochet, sewing and random props for costume parties.

I mostly do Amigurumi, I also make some accessories like shawls, beanies and some slippers. Actually I won the regional show in the crochet category last year for my giraffe! I brag all the time now that I’m an ‘award winning’ crocheter! I also love to make these dragons, most of my family has one at this point.

I’m probably most proud of a small mouse I made last year that was modelled after the outfit of my favourite cosplayer, Major Sam Cosplay. I had a look at some basic mouse patterns, then ended up doing my own thing.

Some of my other random projects:

I’m currently working on a unicorn for a friend of mine, not finished yet:

29/4/17 UPDATE on my unicorn, he’s looking a bit scruff but I’ll give him a trim!

Here are some of my sewing projects; I needed a bag for my crocheting, I LOVE making quillows for my family (13 so far) and a sensory blanket.


Reading (Fanfiction):

I’m currently obsessed with all the Naruto works by blackkat.  Just, wow. Naruto isn’t even more than a passing fancy for me, but I’m addicted, especially to reverse. (Heed the warnings)

I’m also religiously following The Leader by DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan, though I read all of her Harry Potter works. (Warnings for vampires, violence, sex etc.)

I pop back in occasionally to relive the awesomeness of Seduction by Winglet by flawedamythyst, somehow she makes a crossover between Iron Man and Cabin Pressure and a pairing of Martin Crieff/Tony Stark just work.

Otherwise I’m pretty boring – most days consist of study study study.

You can follow me on Instagram for photos of my projects (just started on there, so not many pictures yet!)

9 thoughts on “Random Hobbies

  1. Thanks for being my guest, Anita! I’m in serious awe of your skills, lady. Those dragons and that unicorn are simply adorable. Making me want to give that whole amigurumi thing another shot, so may pick your brain from time to time if that’s alright with you 😉

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  2. Hail mate! I find squares so boring. Sigh. I always get so sick of a project like that well before I finish it, so takes me forever. And quillows are awesome fun. I don’t do much actual quilting on the front, just block of fabric, but I’m currently learning to properly quilt so that might change! The quillow above is my own design, if you can sew you’d be able to do it. Give me a shout if you ever wanna give it a try! 😉


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