Hubby finished playing Horizon (well, not really, but most of what’s left is going after the stuff he’s missed in order to get the highest awards or whatever, not really anything of interest to me). I’ve been watching him play and I love the game a lot, though I’ll admit that the fights can be a bit… much, at least from an observer’s perspective.

Anyway, he started a new game; one I had been looking forward to seeing very much. Assassin’s Creed Origins sounded really good, had been hyped up the wazoo, and the previews I’d seen had been great. I mean, it’s set in Egypt, what’s not to love? Right?


He played for three hours and some change. He hated about every minute of it and I was sorely disappointed by it as well. I had hoped for a more immersive game. Egyptian history and myths have so incredibly much to offer, so much playroom to work with, yet they barely seemed to skim it. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are pretty cool, but it could have been so much better, too. From my point of view, gameplay was a bit clunky, the storytelling incredibly confusing. They have you do a lot of non-sensical side quests (unlike God of War or Horizon; Zero Dawn where side quests actually move the story along). Just… yeah, not a good game as far as I’m concerned.

We ended up just returning it. We got some different games instead (there is something to be said for trade-ins, let me tell ya). Right now, he’s playing The Witcher 3, which is awesome. He’s shown me the footage someone put together of just the story parts and it was amazing. Given that there are several ways the story can end, I can’t wait to see where it goes.

In case you hadn’t guessed yet, I love games with great graphics and even greater storytelling ;-). If you have suggestions for games that fit the bill, please drop a line.

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