Are You Crafty?

IMG_0102IMG_0101Are you crafty?

This was the message Karin sent me last week. My immediate response was not really. I mean, I draw a little but it’s nothing grand. I just do it to relax, or sometimes, it makes me want to pull my hair out, which is the opposite of relaxing. Exactly the way I feel when I write.

I’m Teegan Loy, and I’ve known Karin since our Twi-fic reading and writing days. A long time ago, I was awarded a degree in Graphic Design, and sometimes I still pretend I’m an artist. My favorite medium is pencil.

Another area I’ve dabbled in is scrapbooking. I started out quite well, but now have managed to fall years behind. These pages are from a book I did when my daughter was five years old. She’s now fifteen. Instead of books filled with memories, I have boxes scattered around the house with the years mixed all together. Maybe some day I’ll catch up.


One more thing I really enjoy doing is framing memories. The first one is from the R5 concert my daughter and I attended, and the second one is my grandmother’s basketball letter and her team from 1929.

I must admit it’s become difficult to make time for my art. My writing has taken front and center and uses a lot of my creative energy. For people who are fans of my M/M writing, I’m hoping to release a new book called Beyond the Boards in early December. Of course I haven’t informed my editor of this ambitious plan, but she’ll find out soon enough. The book is about playing hockey and hard choices that must be made.

I also released a M/F book called Jagged Edges under the name Denise Bower. If you enjoy my writing, you can find this book on Amazon 

free skate ebook REVEALBlurb: Victoria Campbell began the figure skating season with hopes of regaining the US title and qualifying for the Olympics again. But this year there won’t be a season because her partner decided he wanted a new woman, both on the ice and in his bed. Unsure of what to do , Victoria considers finding a new partner but quickly dismisses the idea and, at the age of twenty-two, she retires from the sport. 

Victoria ends up in an unlikely place, back on the ice in hockey skates as the new strength and conditioning coach for the Ritchfield Ravens, an AHL hockey team. Works starts out rough, but slowly the guys accept her and the knowledge she brings Though pleased with her success,she misses figure skating. 

When an NHL Team sends a problem player down to the Ravens for a conditioning stint, Victoria’s world turns upside down. Carter Murphy infuriates and intrigues her. He makes her question her career choices by bringing back memories long forgotten, and unknowingly, helps her find joy in her skating again. But Carter’s time with the team is short, and when he leaves, Victoria must make some difficult choices. 

Skating and hockey have always been a passion of mine. When I was  young, I skated, and when my body would no longer tolerate the constant pounding from jumping, I turned to coaching. Today I enjoy watching hockey and love to watch competitive figure skating. Writing about characters who skate and play hockey is a joy for me.

Thanks @Naelany for having me on your blog and reminding me of the grand days of  writing and reading twi-fic. It’s been a pleasure.

IMG_0082xo Teegan




One thought on “Are You Crafty?

  1. lol you’re welcome, my dear, and thank you for being my guest. I think you can still claim your crafty side, though, from the look of the above. Though I can commiserate the “maybe I’ll catch up on-” sentiments. Granted, for me it’s more yarn-related than anything else, as I don’t scrapbook, but hey.
    I love the sound of your blurb and look forward to reading it at some point.


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