A Mama’s Work Is Never Done

I was delighted when my pal Naelany asked me to guest on her blog, as I’ve really enjoyed resurrecting my own blog. I’m not getting a huge amount of knitting done these days, which is how I met the lovely Naelany, but despite being deep in the new mama trenches, I am still crafting hard. Harder than ever before, in fact!

Let me tell you a little about myself. At 39, the lovely, kind,  National Health Service refer to me as a geriatric first time mama, and there are days when I most definitely feel it! I’ve been told many, many, times that I was born in the wrong era, preferring vintage styled clothes and I’ve always had an old-fashioned attitude to life, loving all the crafts I’ve come across. I began by teaching myself to crochet around age 16, and to use a sewing machine soon after. Twenty odd years down the line, I added knitting to the repertoire and culminated in (after a little help from the NHS) crafting my own little miracle last year.

Since my Little Bird arrived 4.5 months ago, I’ve found that my body confidence has soared. unlike many new mums, I am so proud and confident in this new body of mine! I decided to embrace my love of all things vintage, and in particular the fashions of the 30’s,40’s 50’s & 60’s. As a plus size mama who has chosen to breastfeed, finding these styles can be difficult, so I resurrected my blog to share my finds with other plus-size pin-up mamas.

When I discovered that I was finally pregnant, like all mums-to-be, I had day dreams of dressing my little one in my favourite styles, however, the reality hasn’t quite lived up to those dreams. There are tons of vintage-style baby clothes for little girls, but hardly any for the boys unless you’ve got little Prince George’s wardrobe budget. Since I can’t find the style of clothes I’d like, I’ve decided to put my sewing skills to use and start my own small business making reproduction & vintage styled children’s clothes, as well as accessories such as car seat blankets to keep those tiny toes toasty for the UK’s cooler months.

Getting crafty as a mama isn’t easy. I hoard every spare minute of free time, and I have to have my lists, of course. Sometimes I can convince the wee dude to join me in my craft lair for a time, and sometimes I count the minutes until daddy comes home to take him for some man time. Still, by maintaining my style and getting my craft on, I help myself to retain a sense of ‘me’ in a time of constant flux.

On the slate this weekend was getting my first ‘line’ of clothes up and running. After browsing tons of vintage children’s photos and several different sewing patterns, under the watchful eye of my little guy, I carefully drafted out my chosen styles, hunted down the right fabrics and began to cut out the various pieces I needed.

I’m praying that the boy co-operates this week and lets me get to the actual sewing portion! Not sure how that will work out when even as I type, and in his sleep, a wee hand has crept onto my leg and is holding on tight….and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Perhaps I’ll spend this nap time reading  my other pal S.M Lumetta’s book ‘You Are Here’ instead of cutting more pattern pieces.

One thought on “A Mama’s Work Is Never Done

  1. Thanks so much for being my guest, sweets. I’ve always loved and admired your style. Super cool that you’ve extended that to your wee one as well. Good luck with your new business, too 🙂


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