A Piece of Sareh

Yep that’s Sareh with an “e” just to be different. I haven’t known Karin for long, mostly her name and her writing name, MHQ and Rough Trade, and when she posted that she wanted some guest bloggers, I thought why not, so Karin thanks for the opportunity.

Well me, I’m an Aussie, just me and the dogs (not really into the furbaby terminology) two cats, no birds and foxes got the last of my chooks — that’s chickens. I work to keep the dogs in the style they have become accustom to.

Writing, fanfiction, I’m a spasmodic, spur of the moment writer, tending to write a lot in my head, and have problems getting it down on ‘paper’ but improving. Have lots of bits and pieces written just got give them a beginning and an end. I did write more consistently about 10-12 years ago under another name, but a BNF totally blew my confidence, so I put away my ‘pen’ and left a loved fandom. My favorite fandoms are Numb3rs and Charlie/Ian are my OTP, Stargate Atlantis, Criminal Minds I’m a Hotch/Morgan girl and Harry Potter.

What am I writing at the moment, I’m failing at a Harry Potter and have two Numb3rs and a big Criminal Minds which joins up with one of the Numb3rs.

I started out as reader about oh 20 plus years ago, and with Rough Trade it opens up so many fandoms I would never have read… I will date myself even more my first two loves The Professionals, Bodie/Doyle, be still my beating heart and Starsky & Hutch.

What am I reading at the moment? The last in the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters, the last in a 19 book series, I don’t want to finish it because I know there are no more, and as Keira Marcos says, they are amazing, I can only say read them, read them!

James Patterson & Maxine Paetro’s Women’s Murder Club No 15 The Affair, Vince Flynn who died in 2013 his last book in the Mitch Rapp series was finished by Kyle Mills and he will continue the series, he did a great job, I have it as an audio book as well and I like to listen as I’m driving.

Rough Trade of course (just remember not an archive)

Fandom authors, Keira Macos, Jilly James, Ladyholder, Naelany 😉 Xanthe, PFL & Jack Rueben Darcy (The Professionals), BJ Jones (Sylum Universe).

My favorite book and or authors – One Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith, I don’t know how many times I read this growing up and Mr Louis L’Amour.

Craft you name it, I’ve probably tried it, cross stitch I have a big cross stitch blog in another universe, quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and photography. I always thought I could sew a straight line until I took up quilting. Mostly I do things for my dogs, and that’s what I’ve done today. A snuggle sack, it’s coming up to winter here in Oz, they can be for any pet, dog/cat/rat/guinea pig/hamster, just size accordingly.

Snuggle Sack/Bed

Material — Fabric – Outer fabric and a liner fabric, Scissors, pins, sewing machine… Pin I tend to pin a lot, much to my mothers dismay.

Outer fabric – Cut two rectangles mine were 30″ x 25″, I used a heavy Indian cotton, but fabric from the curtain departments are usually very good.

With right sides together, sew around three edges, I used a rough 1/2″ seam, this will create a flat bag, I did zig-zag (overlock/serge) the edges as the fabric tended to fray.

Liner fabric – Cut two rectangles, this time at least 2″ longer than the outer fabric 30″ x 27″, I used polar fleece, some soft and warm.

I left one of the longer side open.

Again you sew around three sides, except leave a 6-8″ gap on one seam, most people leave it along the bottom, I put mine on the side, this is so you can turn your back the right way.

Now the slightly confusing bit, place your outer fabric bag inside your lining, again with right sides together, pin the edges together, (photo 6) making sure your side seams meet and are flat, sew around the edge. You will have a rectangle that is completely ‘sealed’ except for the gap you left in your lining (photo 8), pull outer fabric through the gap, turning your rectangle inside out and with the right sides of the fabric now facing out.

You now have a big rectangle with one side black (outer fabric) one side cameo (lining fabric) sew your gap shut, and now for the really technically lingo… stuff your lining fabric inside your outer fabric, push right into the corners and you have a snuggle sack.

The extra 2″ of lining gives you a nice cuff and contrast, you can leave it or fold it over to create a heavier cuff, I fold and hand sew mine down.

A very reluctant Q modeling the finished product, she was like Mum it was 32C thats 90F today and we are one month into autumn.

13 IMG_5127
My Model Q

Sorry Karin I told you I would be wordy, hope it’s not too much and thanks again for the opportunity to be a guest blogger.


PS I probably suck at tutorials, but there are a couple of good youtube clips out there, ask and I will point you to a good one.


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