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Don’t Wanna!

Yep. I have a severe case of the “I-don’t-wana’s” today, which is part of the reason why this post is on the late side today. It’s that time of the month again (ugh, really, body? Haven’t we had enough yet?) … Continue reading

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Sock it

Had a lovely day yesterday watching Stargate SG-1 with Jennifer (yes, I have successfully brought her over to the dark side 😉 ) and working on my socks again. I’ve actually managed to get the heel turned and everything, so it’s … Continue reading

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This Can Not Be This Hard

What am I talking about? Why, this pattern. It’s a quirky take on the Granny Square blankets and I’m kind of in love with the look. I got some yarn from hubby the other day to satisfy the itch to … Continue reading

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So we got a new couch about two weeks ago. It brought with it an unexpected… not problem, exactly, but still. When I finally got around to casting my socks on again after frogging them, I encountered an issue: I … Continue reading

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Stitching Away

I had another sewing lesson on Friday. It mostly consisted of ironing yards of fabric, as well as cutting said fabric. My back is still not thanking me for the effort. One of these days when I have my own … Continue reading

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One Small Step…

I’m finally going to learn to sew! Well, clothes at least, from a pattern and everything! My M.I.L. had given me sewing lessons as her Christmas gift last year and yesterday was the first. I had wanted to do pajamas … Continue reading

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W.I.P. it good! Sorry, couldn’t resist. Apparently I’ve been on a W.I.P.-kick this week. I’ve finished two pairs of socks! These ones, I only had to do an afterthought heel on. They’ve been languishing since 2011 (!) because, well, it … Continue reading

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