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Hi! I’m Kira. I met Naelany online eight years ago (has it really been that long?!) when I was writing fic as in.a.blue.bathrobe. I’m still at it–I’ve even taken a hiatus from my crazy costume design jobs to focus on … Continue reading

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Of Surprise Socks and a PSA

So… I got my laptop back on Tuesday night. Cool, right? It turned on and everything, working as it should… Only to punk out again with the exact same issue not 12 hours later. After some frustrating phone calls to … Continue reading

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Fun with a Side of Panic

Hello to all of Naelany’s friends.  I go by Moonstar most everywhere on the net.  Naelany invited me to be to do a guest on her blog.  At first I went into a slight panic attack when she asked me.  … Continue reading

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Patton on the Ritz

Hi y’all!  This is Hanna. First off, let me introduce myself.  I am the wife to an Iraq veteran and LEO, and Mama/StepMama to six boys ranging in age from 15 years to almost 17 months old.  We have a … Continue reading

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She, ever the crafter, kept on crafting

Hello everyone, I’m Jess and I blog over at Ever The Crafter. I’ve been asked to do a guest blog here which is very exciting. I love connecting with other bloggers. So, a bit about me. I’m mid twenties and have … Continue reading

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Quack Quack!

She be done! It took me the better part of a year of on/off knitting, but I finally cast off on that Ducks blanket on Friday. *dances* So glad it’s done. I think I’m through knitting circular blankets for a … Continue reading

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Getting My Geek On

Can you guess what I’m making? If you guessed a stormtrooper, then you would have guessed correctly. It’s slowly starting to look like one at any rate, and I look forward to seeing it come into shape. What else it’ll … Continue reading

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