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I Need a Nap

Or rather, I ended up taking one today. Been a while since I’ve needed to, but I was wiped out after kneading dough. But, at least I now have four loaves of Challah and I made scones for breakfast this … Continue reading

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Inspired by Hunger

When Karin asked me to write a guest blog for Another Piece of Me, I have to admit that I was a little nervous about doing so. I didn’t know that there was anything interesting enough about my life that … Continue reading

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Yesterday was a ton of fun as we had friends over to play games. We played a couple of rounds of Star Fluxx, which was fun – and very different playing with four people as opposed to just the two … Continue reading

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Party Beans

Hi all! My name is Jamie but mostly on the interwebs I go by Mischiefmaker1 or some variation.  When K approached me about doing another guest spot I had no idea what I would do for ya’ll. I’ve got my  … Continue reading

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So basically this past week has consisted of three things: Reading Rough Trade stories as they are published (which I’m loving, by the way. There’s some awesome stuff coming out of RT this round). Binging Supernatural and knitting. I’m liking … Continue reading

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Inspired to Cook Something Delicious

Hello, my name is Rae. I am a Twihard and I love to cook and bake. Now you know why Karin invited me to do a guest post on her blog this week. Here is what you don’t know about … Continue reading

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Busy, Busy!

So tomorrow is my birthday. We decided to invite people over for a barbecue today, so this past week has consisted of a lot of organizing, shopping, cleaning, food prep, etc.  We’re still a few hours away, but things are … Continue reading

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