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So basically this past week has consisted of three things: Reading Rough Trade stories as they are published (which I’m loving, by the way. There’s some awesome stuff coming out of RT this round). Binging Supernatural and knitting. I’m liking … Continue reading

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Turning Back Time

So have you remembered to turn the clock back an hour? For once, I did. Before I went to bed. Yep, might be a record 😉 So I didn’t cast on for my sweater yet. Haven’t really been up for it. … Continue reading

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This Can Not Be This Hard

What am I talking about? Why, this pattern. It’s a quirky take on the Granny Square blankets and I’m kind of in love with the look. I got some yarn from hubby the other day to satisfy the itch to … Continue reading

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End In Sight…

I hope, at least. Supposedly, my laptop is on its way home. I’m assuming that means it’s fixed, though I still don’t know what was wrong with it. I really hope it is fixed, though, because much as I like … Continue reading

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What do you do when your computer decides to no longer turn on? First, you curse up a storm and panic.  Second… you craft. At least, that’s what I’ve been doing. Remember the blanket I started? I’m running out of … Continue reading

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Yeah, Hi! So, It’s Sunday

My days got blended together and I completely spaced today is Sunday. Oops? At least I remembered in time to not miss out on the day completely and get my post up, right? It’s amazing though, isn’t it? I’ve been … Continue reading

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Quack Quack!

She be done! It took me the better part of a year of on/off knitting, but I finally cast off on that Ducks blanket on Friday. *dances* So glad it’s done. I think I’m through knitting circular blankets for a … Continue reading

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