Guest Again!

Guess Who’s Back!

• Hi, again, everyone! Thandi, here 🙂 The lovely Karin has invited me to guest post on her blog once more. I am delighted to report to you that, since my last post, I have started studying again, whipped up a few more crochet projects and been diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I am currently reading Presque Vu by rageprufrock on AO3, an Inception fanfic that I am thoroughly enjoying an 100% recommend to anyone who reads in the Inception fandom. Caution for some graphic descriptions of injuries sustained in the dream, mentions of torture and assholes.
• What am I studying? Nursing. I’m really enjoying it, which is great. It’s a combination of theory and practical, which suits me to the ground. I’m in my 3rd year now. The time has flown by!
• I haven’t written much more in the way of fan fiction, because, life! It’s all still sitting on my hard drive, waiting for me to pick back up where I left off. I’m in a good place right now, so hopefully that time will roll around sooner rather than later
• Crochet projects: I am currently hooking up an infinity cowl using THIS pattern and THIS yarn, both from Expression Fiber Arts (no affiliation or money from the links). The colourway I’m using is no longer available, as it was a test batch. I have been calling Joker yarn because of the green and purple. I was surprised by the amount of self-striping it has going on, but I love the look and feel. There’s a picture of my project below on the left.
• A much smaller crochet project I have made since posting last is ponytail hats. I use THIS pattern and the results are incredible! THIS is the yarn I used (again, no affiliation or money from the links) in colourway Whipped Cream. More pictures! The completed hat below in the middle and me modelling the hat for size below on the right.

• Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Ugh, darlings, I cannot tell you how much of a difference getting a diagnosis and subsequent treatment has made to my life! I can catch the bus now, because I’m not worried about missing my stop or being late. I can go to the grocery store without feeling like everyone is staring at me or talking about me behind my back. My biggest regret is not seeking treatment sooner. I just shrugged it off as a personality quirk and went on my merry way. I am so much happier now that my anxiety is under control.

That’s it from me. Huge thank you to Karin for letting me contribute to her wonderful blog x

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