Kites, Kites, Everywhere

Metaphorically speaking, at least. I’ve never in my life been so high, so frequently. No, not by choice, and certainly not for fun. I was supposed to have some teeth removed on Friday. I have severe dental anxiety so they gave me some pills to combat that. They failed to extract the teeth, I ended up taking two pills and some heavy duty pain meds… and I was higher than I’ve ever been in my life (and seriously never ever hope to be again). And I was still in a lot of pain. I’m hurting more now than I was before going on, so yeah, lots of fun to be had – not. Tuesday I get to experience getting teeth removed by an oral surgeon – a first for me. In the meantime, I’m doped up and counting the seconds until I’m on the other end of this – have I mentioned just how much I hate feeling high? No? Well, I do. I honest-to-god do not understand how anyone would want to feel like this because it sucks. Big, hairy, sweaty donkey balls.

Of course, to top all this, I’ve been in pain the last little while on other fronts, too. Anyone know where the body exchange is? Because I’d like to return mine, it’s faulty.

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