Wildlife Safari

Week before last we took our niece and nephew to the Wildlife Safari. I’d never been, but hubby had… twenty years or so ago, that is. It was way more fun than I’d anticipated, and I’d figured it would be a lot of fun, so… 😉

I’m not gonna post all the pictures I took, just some of my favorites because yeah, I took a lot of pictures.

No picture, since hubby took it and I don’t have it on my phone, but I got to do something I’ve been wanting to do ever since I saw The Mummy. I may not be a librarian, but I got to ride a camel! The ride was very brief, and I’d honestly have loved a longer one, but yeah. The camel we had (niece and nephew rode with me) was initially not having it. He had just sat down and did not want to get up again. Not that I really blame the poor thing as we were at triple digits that day, but it was funny to hear his protests. Once he was on his feet, though, he was a sweetheart.

One of my other favorite things was being able to feed the animals (technically, we only got feed cups for the kids, but still).

“Yes, I’d like to place an order, please.”


“Ah yes, that hits the spot.”



“Am I too late?”

Yeah, sorry buddy, but we were fresh out. Still, she was gorgeous. Love the coloring.

“What’re you looking at?”

This one had a lot to say, though I admit I missed most of it because we had our windows up at the time. Still, he was… chatty.

I have no idea what kind of bird this is, but this shot came out great






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