Let’s Just Pretend…

For just a few minutes that today is Sunday, shall we? Between watching kids and being way more active than normal plus hot weather and resultant lack of sleep… yeah, I’m run down. So run down that I ended up spending most of yesterday in bed, sleeping. Which is how my post ended up being done today instead. Oops?

We’ve mostly been playing board games with the kids, which is – mostly – fun. Last Monday, however, my niece and I had a different kind of fun. We crafted.

See? Yes, that cheezy munchkin is my niece. We both did some marble dip dyeing and the results varied as you can see. I did most of the actual dipping, we each picked colors, and away we went. The one bowl she dipped herself kind of came out a little busy because she almost dropped the thing in the water so it got a second helping of dye, so to speak. Still, we had fun.

her plate
My plate.

As you can see, we ran into a little issue with the plates. Why? Because they were big and square and the tub we used was not quite as big and round. Square peg in a round hole and all that. Still, I love how they turned out.

think this was hers
this was mine, I think
her bowl
my bowl, which got double-dipped
her mug. Note: glitter does NOT work well for this
my mug.

Coloring wise, my favorite is my mug, as well as my big plate. Overall turn out, my favorite is her bowl. We had a lot of fun and we had a few hiccups along the way (it’s really important you dab all the water off ASAP, as you can see), but I think that for a first time attempting this, we did pretty darn good. She’s asked to do this again, so we’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Just Pretend…

    1. I can highly recommend it! Just be sure to do the dipping yourself, lest you have an incident like we did lol. I found that very weakly lukewarm water worked best, just drizzle the nail polish in and quickly (very, it films right quick) dip in the items. Bowls and mugs work best, as you see. Dab the wet off carefully (don’t wipe, dab), let dry, then use a sealant.

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      1. oh, it can. Speaking of which, wear gloves if you can, and have nail polish remover on hand, just in case. And if you really wanna go fancy, you could use the same technique for doing your nails, too. Though you’d have to make sure to put vaseline on your skin so you can peel the polish off easier (not on the nail, obviously, just the skin).

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