Guest Post: A Little Cross Stitch and Romance

Hello and thanks for the opportunity to share a little about myself on your blog! Some of you may know about my blog, Slashsessed, and my love of all things slash, m/m and yaoi. What most do not know is that I also love to knit, crochet and cross stitch. I first learned how to do these crafts in my pre-teens because I was bored, as many pre-teens seem to be, and remembered my mother telling me about all of the things she knit and crocheted while pregnant with me. I asked her for some guidance and direction, and thus began a new crafting experience I’ve loved ever since. I’ve been able to create some really beautiful pieces for my friends and family, and it’s cool to be able to take a material as simple as yarn and turn it into something that’s not only lovely to look at, but also functional. Over the last couple of months, I’ve started cross stitching again and couldn’t be happier!

Here is my current project. I’m a huge fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, so when I found a pattern for one of the robots, Tom Servo, I jumped at the opportunity! It’s  still in the beginning stages, but you can see Tom starting to take shape.

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My main hobby, of course, is reading and I’ve found some real gems, particularly in the fanfiction world. My favorite ships include Nasir and Agron (Nagron) from Spartacus, Magnus and Alec (Malec) from Shadowhunters/The Mortal Instruments, Connor and Oliver (Coliver) from How to Get Away with Murder and pretty much all of the ships from the anime Free! Right now, I’m enjoying some really gripping and emotional Malec stories that have me glued to my screen and constantly wishing for the next update. The amount of talent fanfiction writers possess leaves me in awe. I’m also in the process of reading the yaoi manga series In These Words by TogaQ and KichikuNeko, a.k.a. Guilt|Pleasure. The writing is incredible and the artwork is absolutely breathtaking!

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Meghan 🙂

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