Sunday Again?

How is it Sunday again already? It feels like it was Sunday only yesterday… Okay, maybe not yesterday, but certainly not seven days ago. I can’t even say “time flies when you’re having fun” because this week hasn’t been a lot of fun, by and large. It’s been painful and exhausting (yay weather messing with fibro), and yet here we are again.

I did manage to do some knitting on my blanket. I thought I was pretty far along with the thing already, but after taking this picture I was shocked at how much more there is to do on it. Send help? And yarn?

I also didn’t think the red/white was quite as wide as it’s turning out to be. I’m thinking about not doing striped the whole way up, at least not in that combo in that way. Maybe stop about midway and then work… I don’t even know what it’s called right now, the words escape me, but so the stripes will be slanted? Does that make sense? We’ll see. There’s still a ways to go before I have to make up my mind on that. Also, I’d be working one color from the first panel and one from the second, just not sure which combo to use.

What do you think?

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