Guest Post: I Am an Author – Meredith

It’s always easier to write a story than to tell people about yourself. Many times I want to set aside the typical biographical nonsense and start with Once upon a time… Why not.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted to take the amazing stories that played on a loop inside her head and tell the world. For years she was told not to because while there was no doubt the magic in her imagination was fantastical she didn’t possess the skill to explain it to the world.

She decided that “just getting by” was the way her life was meant to be. Day after day the stories piled up, the voices got louder, and the colors more vivid. Until she couldn’t take it anymore.

Secretly, she began writing about a man named Snow in a universe of many people who spoke to her on a daily basis. When she was ready, she presented Snow to the world and in that moment, she realized the ones who told her for years she couldn’t were wrong.

Snow Falling was my debut novel, it released on my 38th birthday; November 28, 2017 and much to my surprise everyone fell in love with him. This book is exclusively on Amazon and if you haven’t had a chance to read it I welcome you to have at it.  

I write under the pen name Davidson King and do so strictly for organizational purposes. Because I run the LGBT Review and Promo Blog Diverse Reader the two names were getting all mish mashed and organizing this was a mess. This way each hat has its own head.

My second novel, Hug It Out, will release March 29, 2018 also on Amazon exclusively. While this is a standalone it does take place in the same universe as Snow Falling. 

The universe is called Haven Hart and in this world,  there are many colorful characters and places. There’s assassins, mobsters, artists, cuddlers, baristas, doctors, all of it. It’s a world packed into a fictional place. 

After all the stories in Haven Hart have been told I honestly have no idea what I will talk about but I have no doubt in my mind that my imagination will conjure up something amazing.

I will Amazon gift one person a ebook copy of both Snow Falling and Hug it out. The Rafflecopter giveaway will run until 3/31, thanks.

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