Pass the Coffee, Please

This week has been exhausting. Not because I’ve been so busy, but because Auntie F was busy kicking my ass six ways from Sunday. I’ve not had the energy to do much of anything beyond reading, so that’s what I’ve spent most of my waking hours doing. That and watching the Harry Potter movies (only the last one left to go). Speaking of Harry Potter, I decided to re-read the Deathly Hallows. We’ll see how that goes since I only have it on audiobook and hardback and I want to actually read the book so I get a better idea of what happens when. Audio is great, but not so much for when you need to check on something. Yep, totally doing what I can to prep for next month 😉

I also read a cute little book I got through Bookbub, I think – or one of the programs like it. It’s called What the Cat Dragged In and was written by Molly Milligan. I don’t often read books on the paranormal side, so this was a bit out of my usual comfort zone. That said, I’m really glad I gave it a shot because it was a quaint little mystery read that was engaging and the characters are fun and quirky. Getting to know Bronwen and the rest of the cast was great and since this was the first book in a series I can’t wait to learn more about them.

Are you doing the Goodreads reading challenge, too? I set my goal for this year to 25 books, but I’m already at 12 and we’re only in March, so I may have to up the goal a bit. Granted, I won’t get much reading time in April and I’ll likely spend more time reading fic than books for a bit after, and again in July (provided I get a plot bunny for that challenge) and November (again, if there’s a bunny), but still. Guess I’ll give it a bit before deciding. How many books have you read so far and which would you recommend?

2 thoughts on “Pass the Coffee, Please

  1. I read 108 books last year (thank you audiobooks during long commutes) and set myself the lofty goal of 100 books this year. However, I think that might be a bit ambitious as I have a much shorter commute now, but I’m still hopeful as I’ve read 18 so far and Stephen King’s IT is a bit of a hefty read. I tend to read more horror but I really want to read more of the pulp fiction and classics that we have in our home library and I want to work my way through Terry Pratchett’s Disc World series.


    1. heh yeah, we listen in the car as well, but it takes us a long time to go through books. We’re currently listening to the Wheel of Time series, which is a fantasy of sorts. Not much for horror, myself (I know, you’re shocked).
      I’m trying to get a few non-finction books in there, too. So far they’ve only been auto-biographies, but it’s a start, right?


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