Tick Tock

It’s that time again for most of us: Daylight Savings! Yay /sarcasm. Have you turned your clocks forward yet?

I’m all signed up for Rough Trade and it looks like this round is going to be a busy one, judging from all the sign-ups popping up in my inbox. It’ll take a lot of self-control to keep writing and not get lost reading 😉

Speaking of Rough Trade, today seems an excellent day to do a little marathon watching of Harry Potter in preparation for the challenge. My spoons are pretty much gone for the day after taking a shower (I wish I were kidding. For some reason showers really take it out of me. I wish I were one of those people who can hop in the shower and emerge refreshed and ready to go, but I’m not), so vegging sounds like a great idea right now. If I’m up for it, I may even do a little more knitting.

There was something I wanted to talk about today but that train of thought seems to have gone by way of my spoons. Thank you, fibro. Ah well, it’ll keep, I’m sure. Hope you all have a great day with a little magic of your own. I’m going to go ahead and immerse myself into the world of Harry Potter.

Oh! I’ve started to post my story Encoded. If you’re interested in reading it, you can find it here.

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