Yesterday was a ton of fun as we had friends over to play games. We played a couple of rounds of Star Fluxx, which was fun – and very different playing with four people as opposed to just the two of us.

Then we followed with about an hour or so of Supernatural Monopoly which was way more fun than I remember Monopoly ever being.

And then! Then we played Cards Against Humanity and hilarity ensued. Now we’ve had this game for a while but this was the first time we’ve been able to play it since it’s a minimum of four people to play. I had so much fun I didn’t want to stop playing but alas, bedtime put an end to things after a good run. No idea how long we played, but we made it through pretty much the entire deck of black cards and a good three-quarters of the white ones. It is now my goal in life to get my hands on all the expansions for even more fun.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the answers were disturbing and not remotely funny (we actually ripped one of them up because we simply did not feel comfortable having it on the table at all), but most of them were funny to the point of laughing until you couldn’t breathe. Seriously, if you haven’t played it yet, give it a shot soon. Do heed the warnings, though, this isn’t a game for kids.

Something else we found out besides a deep and abiding love for the game was that roasted garlic hummus is addictive as hell. I mean, really. I’ve never liked hummus before but I’d only ever tried the plain stuff. Since we’re trying to eat healthier we decided to give hummus a try again, but this time the roasted red pepper. Both hubby and I liked that one a lot, much to our surprise, so we figured we’d get that again for yesterday as well as giving the roasted garlic a try.

This was either the most ingenious idea ever or our worst mistake yet because damn that shit’s addictive! The first few bites were strong as all get out – almost too strong for my tastes – but once you were past the initial shock of it I could not stop eating the stuff. We nearly obliterated the entire thing in one sitting, and believe me when I say that there was a lot of food to be had.

The funny thing is when we went shopping at Costco for yesterday they had samples of their plain hummus out. We tried it; hated it. I’m telling you now that if I’d had that before having tried the red pepper one again I would never have given hummus a shot again because yuck. I’ve also figured out that there are certain combos with the hummus that just don’t work for me because of texture issues – so far, cucumber/hummus is a big no.

Do you like hummus and if so, what’s your favorite kind? If you have a recipe, please share 🙂

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