Power Up!

So the last few days I’ve been without my computer because my power chord decided it didn’t want to work anymore (of course, this happens just as my coverage ends). At least, I hoped it was the power chord, so I ordered a new one that arrived a little bit ago and lo and behold! The laptop can once again charge so hopefully that’s the last of that because I really do not like being without my laptop. A phone or tablet are all well and good, but everything is on my laptop, patterns included, and it’s just much easier for me to navigate things on it than on my phone or tablet.

I did a lot of reading the last few days, mostly fanfics but none that are complete because I fell into the black hole that is Evil Author Day where authors post stuff they’re working on as a big ol’ tease, basically. I dislike reading works in progress on the whole, but there are a couple of authors where I just can’t help myself.

Something else I’ve done a bit of is knitting, as you can see. I’ve gotten a little further along on my blanket and so far I’m liking the look of it. I’m thinking random stripes that do not coordinate with the grey/teal, what do you think?

Aside from working on my blanket, I’ve also cast on a pair of socks because I wanted to be able to have something small on my needles for those times where I can’t handle having the weight of a blanket on me. No pattern in mind for these, either, just plain as plain can be.

They’re toe-up socks as you can see, mostly because that’s my preferred method of knitting them, especially when I don’t know exactly how much yarn I have (this yarn was gifted to me, already partially used). Do you knit socks and if so, what’s your go-to method for making them and why?

4 thoughts on “Power Up!

  1. Paardje

    No, I don’t think I’ll ever knit socks (or mittens) because I just don’t like to knit multiples of the same thing, I don’t know why πŸ˜„ But good luck on those toe-ups!

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