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My name is Tuesday, and I write fantasy fiction as Mary E. Twomey, and romance as Tuesday Embers. I’m always looking for fun crafts to do while I unwind at night, so when I came across these little mini book ornaments, I knew I had to figure out how to make them myself. This DIY video was super easy, and once I got the hang of them, I was able to make them while I watched TV with my guy in the evening after we put the kids down. The supplies were minimal, and it was basically an origami project that didn’t get too complicated after the first couple tries. You can find the tutorial here: I made them into my book covers, so I could have something fun to look at all year, but you can choose whatever book makes you happy.

This mini book is Undraland. It’s book one in a 9-part fantasy series, which is based in Scandinavian folklore. You can download book one for FREE here today:

Right now, I’m working on an 11-part series that’s based in French folklore. It starts with “Ugly Girl”, which was inspired by the Ugly Duckling. You can start the series here:

I’m currently reading “Habit” by Charles Duhigg, and am loving it. I’m a huge nerd, and get super into marketing studies. It’s got a huge section on the marketing behind Febreze and Pepsodent, so I’m in my happy place learning about the ins and outs of that journey.  

My favorite book is the Art of War, which I re-read every year. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and rode the Twilight train until the wheels fell off. I’ll read anything by Cassandra Clare or Richelle Mead, as well.

You can browse any of my 33 books at or at

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