What is the last thing you want to have happen when you’re already in pain? That’s right, you don’t want to add an injury, too. Except that’s exactly what happened this week when I rolled my ankle bad enough to also wrench my hip (yep, same one that has been giving me issues) as well as my lower back. I’ve spent most of this week laid up in bed, icing various body parts and generally taking it very easy. Not what I had planned for my week, but hey, needs must.

Thankfully, my ankle is doing better, as is my lower back. My hip is being a little slower to heal up, unfortunately – though not unexpectedly.

In an effort to help my hip and of course the rest of me, I figured I’d do some yoga today since there’s finally space for it. Last year I got a new yoga mat since Arwen destroyed my old one not long before she passed away (sheesh, have I really not done yoga in that long? 😦 I miss my little kitty). I put it somewhere safe for while we cleaned and made room. So safe that now I can’t find the bloody thing! So yeah, I need to go hunting for my yoga mat before I can do anything because I really need the cushioning it provides (I’ve tried yoga on our floor without a mat and it doesn’t work well for my body).

Speaking of yoga, Paardje, I looked at the YouTube channel you suggested. It looks like it might work well for me, though I only had about five minutes to check it out this morning. Anyway, thanks for pointing her channel out to me, I’m looking forward to giving her workouts a try.


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