Today isn’t a very good day as far as pain levels go. For some reason (I swear someone’s playing with my voodoo doll again) the pain keeps shifting between my hips and my head, bouncing to a few other places in between. Not fun. Also not conducive to getting stuff done, though I’ve tried.

Flu season is in full swing and so far we’ve managed to avoid it *knocks on wood*, but we have come in contact with people who weren’t so lucky so I’m keeping everything crossed we don’t end up sick. I even went so far as to make Elderberry Syrup again, and I am giving fermented honey garlic a shot. We’ll see how I handle that last one, never tried it before and while I do love garlic the idea of eating it by the clove is iffy to me. Have you ever tried it?

I really need to start doing yoga again, I think. Good thing is that we’re finally getting to a point where I’ll have the space to pick it up again, if barely. The only problem is, I’m not sure what good beginner videos are available. I can’t afford to go to a class which would be my preferred way of easing back into it, so I’m stuck with videos (please do not suggest the library, it isn’t an option either). For some reason, I have a harder time following along with video workouts, not sure why. What’s your favorite yoga video? Or for that matter Tai chi or Qigong.


2 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Paardje

    Get well soon, K. Sending energy & positive vibes your way 🧙‍♀️ Have you checked out Ekhart Yoga on YouTube already? I used to do her videos, the easier & shorter ones at least.

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