Well Shucks

Otherwise known as: how my sweater blanket ended up becoming an actual blanket.

I done screwed the pooch and messed up the size of this thing so rather than frogging it and trying again, I’m just winging it and turning it into a blanket. It wasn’t what the yarn was intended for (okay, it was, just not this kind of blanket) but hey. Needs must, as they say.

Today I actually started and finished a book called Yellow Star that I got through Prime as a free read. It’s not a very big book as you might imagine, but it is nonetheless worth reading. Over the years I’ve read many books on WWII from varying perspectives but this one stands out to me in that, while the author herself is the niece of the narrator, the story is told from the aunt’s point of view… back when she was little.

I don’t often read first-person narratives anymore but in this case, I feel it works because you’re there with her as she enters Lodz Ghetto and throughout her time there.

You might recall me mentioning last week that I wanted to get some games to play with hubby. Well, we went to two stores this past week to try out a few we had our eyes on and came away with a couple to start us off with.

When we got home, we played for a few hours (read: pretty much all day). First we played Star Fluxx until we were ready for a change and then we switched to Elder Signs. Both very different and very fun games. Both games play equally well with two as with multiple players, which is win in my opinion.

I’m looking forward to playing more. We’ve already decided to try to make it at least a monthly thing to go to the store and hang out, playing various games. Mostly to give us some variation, but hey, fun date to boot right?

4 thoughts on “Well Shucks

    1. Thanks 🙂

      It’s easy to forget how fun tabletop games can be, yes. Have you ever watched Tabletop on YouTube? It’s what made me interested in trying again. Growing up there wasnt.much by way of gaming in our house.
      What games are you playing? I heartily recommend the ones I mentioned

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