New Year, New…?

Well, we all know how I feel about resolutions. I’ve tried to make them and end up only keeping one or two. It’s silly to make them, really. After all, life happens and yet… And yet, here I am. Making resolutions.

I’m thinking for 2018…

  • knit sweaters
  • knit socks
  • cross stitch
  • read more books (I think my GoodReads challenge is 20 books).
  • write
  • make Christmas ornaments

Something else that’s definitely on the agenda this year is getting our place more organized. And I guess decorated, too. For years, our apartment’s been more of a place to live, but the things in it were mostly mishmashed and either free finds or hand-me-downs. High time to get it to feel more like home and also a little less like a college student (no offense to students out there) lives here rather than two married adults.

I also intend to – wait for it – work out a little more. I mean, I already walk an average of 5 miles a day, but more needs to happen if I don’t want a repeat (or worse) of last year, healthwise.

So that’s me for this year. What are some of your resolutions for 2018?

4 thoughts on “New Year, New…?

  1. maleficentknits

    I never seem to follow through on resolutions so I decided to keep it simple. Do more selfish-knitting (I’ve started my sweater) especially out of my stash, reading a variety books that includes classics that I’ve put off (audiobooks are a great help there), and go on more walks when the Rev asks me if I want to go with him and the dogs (no, I don’t want to but I will).

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  2. I don’t bother with New Years resolutions. Things happen, I move on and change my mind. Then I get frustrated that I didn’t achieve what I wanted to! My only goal is to stay sane this year, there’s s lot going on. And maybe join you in working out more – but only maybe!

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