Merry Christmas!

So the other day we were out and about, partly running errands, partly because we were going to watch the new Star Wars (no spoilers!) movie. We did a lot of walking. Apparently so much that I ended up walking holes(!) in my nice, homemade socks. I’m so sad. 😦

I suppose I’ll have to learn how to darn socks now. Will that even be possible? Saving these socks, I mean, with holes that big?

Let me tell ya, coming home after an awesome day out and finding that is one hell of a letdown. This shouldn’t happen so quickly, right? These haven’t been worn all that often, though I’ll grant that I was on my feet for about thirteen hours that day.

On the brighter side, I made something for my niece for Christmas that I’m dying to show… but I can’t. Because Christmas isn’t until tomorrow after all and I don’t want to spoiler her.  I’ll try to remember to share it next week, though (as well as her reaction to her gift).

I’m about to wrap up the final gifts and then we’ll be all done for the big day. How about you? Are you all set for Santa’s visit?

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas, Nae! I have about two dozen handknit socks in a drawer waiting for me to finally cut out the heels, pick up the live stitches, and knit new heels into them. Maybe I should make that a goal (not a resolution) this year!

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