Monday again. Yep, Sunday once again passed me by, I’m sorry to say, though I’m not sorry as to why it did. We got to spend time with friends yesterday, having lunch and watching It’s a Wonderful Life together in the theater. Last year was the first time seeing it for me and it had me bawling. Not ashamed to admit that I was in tears again this time, too. All in all a great day, even if it did mean I ended up missing my usual posting day.

I haven’t been able to get back to crafting yet, but I did spend the brunt of my time this week in the kitchen, baking for hours at a time. Everyone’s received their goodies now and they all seemed to enjoy them, so it was time well spent, despite still paying for the effort now.

This week I hope to get back to crafting again, as well as finish up decorating for Christmas. It’s taken a little longer than normal to get that done, what with one thing and another, but that’s okay.

What have you still got left to do before Christmas?

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