Murphy Strikes Again

Good lord, it’s only 11AM and I already am looking forward to today to be over. Murphy’s Law has been our companion from the moment we got up this morning. Trust me when I say that 3AM on a Sunday morning is not the time you want to be finding a screw in your tire. Especially not when it’s below freezing.

Needless to say, due to the above, today’s plans have gone off the rails completely. I was supposed to spend this weekend preparing dough as well as baking. Yesterday my body decided to give me the finger, so that left today… Yeah, three guesses what won’t be happening.

Instead, I’ve got a cup of tea and am about to settle in to read a little bit before binging some Supernatural. I’m really enjoying that show. The interaction between the characters is great (even if I kind of want to slap Sam right now. I’m in late season 4, for those familiar with the show).

One of my favorite moments so far was Dean screaming like a little girl over a cat. Pure gold. If you watch the show, what are some of your favorite moments?

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