A Little of This

Hello Everyone! Kudos to Karin for the invitation to share a bit of myself with you. I live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, known for its part in the Revolutionary War, the Amish, and shopping outlets. I do little to no shopping in the stores. I much prefer to make things to give as gifts.

To tell you what I do in terms of crafting would take all day! My interest and focus is study of historical needlework. Many of these skills are slowly disappearing and I hope to be doing my part to keep them alive.


I tend to have several projects going at once. Currently I am handspinning fiber with a drop spindle, and sewing using English Paper Piecing.

I love to weave and I am currently working with my set of pin looms. I am randomly weaving squares with no goal in mind. Eventually I will come up with an idea and I’ll have squares ready to go.



I always have a mindless project to do for when I am tired or in front of the TV, and right now I am making paper beads. I use my own designs in addition to finding other printed material.



Coloring is fun and relaxing too. I had to stop coloring when I was tired because my pens would go all over the page while I sat and snoozed. I can repurpose the pages into beading strips, so not a total disaster!


I can give up everything as long as I have my books. My kindle is my best friend and I would be lost without it. I am pretty eclectic when it comes to what I read. Right now I am reading a lot of fan fiction. It’s a wonderful escape! Mysteries would be second and then there’s everything else. I can read comedy one day and the next the philosophy of the Matrix movies. I am also reading right now *The Science of Game of Thrones* by Helen Keen. I just started it so I can’t honestly critique it.


Finally, there are my favorite books; the ones I approach as old friends. My all-time favorite book is *The Mists of Avalon* by Marion Zimmer Bradly. It tells the Arthurian story from the women’s point of view. I could use the book as a door stop; at 900 plus pages it looks like a brick. I tell people to not be intimidated by the length of the book; just read bits at a time.


Another favorite is *The Giuliana Legacy* by Alexis Masters. Beautifully written; one of those books I came upon by accident and am glad I did.

There are other books I love but will save for another time. I hope everyone in the US enjoyed Thanksgiving, and everyone else had a wonderful day. My thanks again to Karin, and stay safe during the holiday season!

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