Meet Maia Carlson

Hello!  I’m a writer/artist/plant enthusiast who sometimes finds time to be a graduate student teaching unenthusiastic students about writing.  Sometimes I find a bit of time to read in there, too, if only because not reading will surely result in insanity – I recently finished off Rob Thurman’s Cal Leandros series, as well as Douglas Hulick’s Tales of the Kin and Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastards series… and if all of these series don’t get another adventure added to them, I will lose my entire mind.  I can’t really say what my favorite single book is, but it’s probably from one of those series.

Since it’s summer right now (no classes to take or to teach, yaaaay!), I’m getting a lot of time to do gardening.  I’m an orchid enthusiast, but I also grow African Violets, and have also tried my hand at aquascaping (growing aquarium plants) and terrariums.  If it grows, and is less work than a pet, I want it.

SAMSUNGSAMSUNGaquascape2017-03-02 11.33.40.jpg

I also draw art commissions in ink, and lately have gotten into making metal-nibbed quill pens (which I need to learn how to do a Youtube tutorial on, because it’s way easier than the internet led me to believe…)

SAMSUNG2017-05-06 09.20.21.jpg

But what I do most is write  🙂  On AO3 (under Only_1_Truth and on wordpress under the same name) I write all manner of fluffy/angsty/adorable/crazy 00Q fanfiction, from the James Bond fandom.  I dabble in a few other fandoms, but overall find the experience of fanfic-writing to be an amazing experience – and good writing practice.  I’m actually hoping to get an actual, real book published before I get my Masters degree, although as of now, I’ve got 30 pages of reincarnated royal siblings, a very bored assassin, and a Skinmage for flavor, and no end to shenanigans in sight…

Hope everyone who reads all the way to the end of this has a fantastic day planned (full of adventures, or full of glorious nothing)!  If anyone is interested in learning how to make those pens, or wants to talk about art commissions (or stories, or anything really), my email is on my wordpress site.  Have a happy day!


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